About Us

Ashlyn Logistics, LLC - A Landstar Global Logistics Agency is arguably the Ohio's leading Global International Freight Solutions provider. Focused on the modern intermodal solutions, we offer fully integrated road, rail, air, and ocean freight and trucking services throughout the Ohio. We have a long-established focus on operational and service quality which has earned a strong reputation within the industry.

Strategically placed distribution centers provide 24hr vehicle scheduling. The intermodal service offers the end-to-end allocation of products through road, rail, ocean and air integration. Ashlyn Logistics, LLC - A Landstar Global Logistics Agency is committed to delivering value-added solutions to our customer base, through innovation and challenge. Like any logistics service provider in Ohio, we offer global supply chain management solutions, but the difference is we provide solutions that are tailor-made and fully bespoke to your needs. Whether you’re looking for conventional storage and distribution, or an e-commerce pick and pack operation, we work on this all day, every day. We at Ashlyn Logistics, LLC - A Landstar Global Logistics Agency has the experience and know-how to make sure that no matter what the conditions, your products are where they should be and when they should be. We offer these best in class logistics services in Ohio at an affordable rate, meaning your clients are satisfied and you will be too.

At Ashlyn Logistics, LLC - A Landstar Global Logistics Agency, we offer a broad range of services including Global Supply Chain Solutions, Door to Door Shipping, Specialized Trucking, Global International Freight Solutions, Expedite Shipping (Ocean Freight), U.S Customs Brokerage, Air Freight Cargo, Hazardous Materials Transportation and much more. All of our logistics operations in Ohio are coordinated by a leading team of professionals who’ve mastered every aspect of shipping and logistics.